Rainbow Warriors!

I don't know how to start? I'm not good in describing myself. I think you can't put yourself into words, you are who you are. Otherwise, you don't know me and you probably have no change to meet me someday, so I try my best to describe myself. I'm 20yrs old and I live in Austria, in a town you've probably never heard of- it's a nice little town, but you can't do much. Also, I'm very open minded and tolerant, most people like me as well, so I don't know how real hate feels like, coz when somebody doesn't like me I just put a simle on . I created that side, because I want to tell the world how I see things, that's important I guess, because some ppl I know are really intolerant and to be honest we're in 2012 and there's no room for intolerance and hate.
So thank's for checking out my blog!!

Rock on!
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Ask me anything

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